​​The BATON ROUGE CHAPTER started a Mentor program in 2013.  Our professional members assist our High School and College members in College and Major Selections, Skills Assistance and Career Mentoring. Assisted members/mentees have the opportunity to be advise towards a predetermined career path. This type of mentoring is designed to allow individuals to gain workplace skills and experience toward their career in Information Technology.

Mentor Assistance :

- Resume Writing

- College & Major Selection

- College Work Study

- Job Placement

- One on One Mentor 

What We’re Doing

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Mentorship Program

Baton Rouge Chapter*

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Monthly Program Meetings
TBD, every 3rd Thursday of the Month

Computer Training Program

Program Meetings

Local chapter's monthly program meetings include technical presentations and networking.

Student Programs
Local chapter computer training camps focus on exposing youth to information technology as a career choice and development: 

- National High School Computer Competition (HSCC)

- Youth Technology Camp (YTC)

- IT Showcase

The NBDPA Information Technology (IT) Showcase allows college and high school students presenters from educational institutions across the United States to present and demonstrate their research in advanced computing and technical topics to an audience of corporate representatives and IT professionals.

Scholarship/Internship/Job Board

- BDPA has a robust offering of scholarship & intern opportunities for students in STEM

- BDPA has a job resource that connects IT professionals and employers


- Professional Development workshops including the development of technical skills and entrepreneurial endeavors

- Career Advancement to enhance job, resume and interview skills

- Community workshops for all ages to develop an interest in Information Technology

- Business Networking 

National BDPA Technology Conference

- Annual BDPA National Technology Conference & Career Fair   Click here for more info